[phenixbb] Fwd: running phenix.validation from command line

Roberto Marabini roberto at cnb.csic.es
Mon Apr 8 07:19:34 PDT 2019


   I see that in phenix 1.14 (and 1.15) the command phenix.molprobity has
been replaced by the more general  phenix.validation_cryoem. In the old
version (1.13) phenix.molprobity, when executed with the
option pickle=True,  saved to the hard-disk a pkl file containing all data.

Is there an equivalent flag for phenix.validation_cryoem? I asked this
question a  month ago and I understood from the answer that the option was
not available but that you plan to incorporate it.    Did you find time
modify phenix.validation_cryoem ?


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