[phenixbb] lose the jobs history when update/install phenix new version

R.D. Oeffner rdo20 at cam.ac.uk
Thu Nov 26 10:20:28 PST 2015

Dear Caio,

Every effort has been made to retain job history when upgrading to a new 
version of Phenix. However, that is sometimes prohibitive when 
implementing new features. So if your Phenix version is a couple of 
years old some of the history may fail to migrate to a recent version of 

Although one or two Phenix programs work flawlessly when compiled with 
openMP Phenix does in general not support openMP. It can be compiled 
with openMP but you may experience unpredictable behaviour if you 
attempt to run programs from the GUI.



On 2015-11-26 17:26, caio reis wrote:
> Hi, my name is Caio, I do Ph.D in biomolecular physics at University
> of Sao Paulo, Brazil, and I am writing to know if anyone knows if I'm
> gonna lose my job history in Phenix, if I update my version to the
> newest one. I work with many proteins and structures (MR, autobuild,
> phenix.refine, etc), so as I can better manage my jobs and archives
> using and consulting my job history in Phenix interface.
> I also want to know, if I can use de openmp without having to compile
> phenix again...because I don't want to lose my job history (in case it
> can be lost when Phenix is updated/installed again/compiled).
> Thank you in advance.
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