[phenixbb] PDF slides: introduction to refinement, phenix.refine and why automation is important (PHENIX)

Pavel Afonine PAfonine at lbl.gov
Sat Mar 7 23:41:35 PST 2009

Dear PHENIX community:

I would like to draw your attention to these two PDF files with the 
slides that I recently made for a PHENIX workshop (workshop on Neutron 
crystallography, March 5-6, Japan).

The first file (69 of very dense slides) makes a general introduction to 
crystallographic structure refinement (certainly biased towards how 
things are done in phenix.refine), plus some introduction to 
phenix.refine functionality.

The second PDF file talks about PHENIX and "quick validation" with the 
strong accent of why automation is important.

In general, I don't like and normally don't do such advertisements, but 
in this case I believe I can make an exception  since I spent too much 
"of my software development" time on making these slides and they might 
be instructive for (new) PHENIX users.

The links are (the first two!):



PS> Two slides in the first file are borrowed from Sasha Urzhumtsev, and 
2-3 slides are borrowed from Paul Adams (second file).

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