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Tue Oct 20 10:15:43 PDT 2020

Dear all,

We are happy to announce a webinar series highlighting some of the experimental possibilities offered by iNEXT-Discovery facilities.

iNEXT-Discovery is an H2020 program, that allows scientists from all over Europe (and outside Europe, to some extent) to access state of the art facilities for Structural Biology (X-rays, cryo-EM, NMR, Biophysics). Our offers extend beyond the use of machines, to hands-on expertise and (in many cases) help in designing experiments and interpreting data and of course remote services! Access to iNEXT-Discovery is free (often including samples shipment or visitor expenses) and is on the basis of (rapid) independent peer-review, for projects with a translational research component; the offer extends to industry partners under specific rules.

These webinars will be short presentations (20 minutes) presented by experts in the various facilities, and will not be in-depth science talks, but mostly geared towards user awareness for the technical and scientific capabilities we can offer!

We will offer one webinar every Monday at 16:00 CET, until Xmas, and then a few more!

We will cover topics like cryo-EM single particles and tomography, X-ray tomography, fragment screening by X-ray crystallography, in-cell NMR, and more. Every presentation will be followed by a live discussion.

A more detailed program is at: https://inext-discovery.eu/events/what-can-inext-discovery-do-for-us/

Registration is open at: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ZPGVwe7xR9GIyqESRS-dxA

Best regards on behalf of the iNEXT-Discovery team,

A. Perrakis

Prof. Dr. Anastassis Perrakis, PhD
Group leader, Dept. of Biochemistry, Netherlands Cancer Institute
Professor of Macromolecular Structures, University of Utrecht
Oncode Institute Investigator
Coordinator iNEXT-Discovery H2020

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