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David Briggs david.briggs at crick.ac.uk
Wed Nov 18 02:09:24 PST 2020

Dear all,

(Apologies for the slightly off-topic cross-post - hopefully, this will be of interest to all MX practitioners, not just Diamond light source users.)

As Diamond User Committee MX representatives, we'd just like to remind you that the deadline for letters of support for Diamond-II beamline upgrades is this Friday, 20th November.

As you are perhaps aware, the Diamond machine is scheduled for a major upgrade to a 4th generation source 2025-2027.
Further information about the upgrade can be found here<https://www.diamond.ac.uk/Home/About/Vision/Diamond-II.html>.

All MX beamlines will benefit from a brighter, more focused source – however, two MX beamlines have been selected as flagship projects for significant upgrades.

I04-1 > K04 Ultra XChem.
The I04-1 fixed wavelength beamline used for the XChem fragment screening will be completely rebuilt as K04.
Briefly, K04 will allow higher throughput fragment screening (meaning more projects and more fragments can be screened) and it is hoped the improved characteristics of the Diamond-II beam will allow XChem methodologies to be extended to more difficult targets such as transmembrane proteins.

The K04 proposal outline can be found here<https://www.diamond.ac.uk/dam/jcr:bd879384-900b-4a2c-897d-a8e0e818c6e8/MX%20-%20I04-1%20XChem%20reinvention%20as%20K04%20XChem.pdf> [PDF].

I24 > KMX Kinetic micro crystallography.
The I24 microfocus beamline will be upgraded to enhance the capabilities of I24 and allowing analysis of smaller crystals, radiation-sensitive crystals, and expanding the serial synchrotron crystallography (SSX) functionality of the beamline. The abilities to conduct room temperature SSX will also be enhanced to allow in-crystal kinetic analysis, with various on-line spectroscopic (Raman, UV-Vis, XES) detectors built into the end station.

The KMX proposal outline can be found here<https://www.diamond.ac.uk/dam/jcr:add3277b-5bc2-4e8b-93a2-25d1e0e585f6/MX%20-%20I24%20KMX:%20kinetics%20and%20microfocus%20upgrade.pdf> [PDF]

Having read these proposals you will obviously be very excited by the possibilities and will want to submit your letters of support for both of them, by Friday, 20th November

Letters of support can be submitted via this link<https://forms.office.com/Pages/ResponsePage.aspx?id=dLonnQABDU2B_x1yja6N9sORn9fQKRxBrdwp3-jvXxFURTZRTU9VM1I2VVZEVEVFS1hJTlNHUThISi4u%C2%A0>.

Thanks in advance,

Dave & Arnaud.


Dr David C. Briggs

Senior Laboratory Research Scientist

Signalling and Structural Biology Lab

The Francis Crick Institute

London, UK


Diamond User Committee MX representative



The Francis Crick Institute Limited is a registered charity in England and Wales no. 1140062 and a company registered in England and Wales no. 06885462, with its registered office at 1 Midland Road London NW1 1AT
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