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Taufiq El-Mokdad taufiq.el-mokdad at student.uni-halle.de
Fri May 22 09:05:42 PDT 2020

Hi all,

I am a student from Halle in Germany. I really want to try
out doing a wire model for proteins with the Byron Bending machine, yet
I couldn’t find out
where to get one and the Charles Supper Company discontinued selling
devices. I was recommended asking here for help. Is
there anybody still having one of these devices in their labs or having
starting to rust in a box in the attic? I would be really statisfied
trying out
making some wire protein models with it. If someone would be willing to
such a machine and I would of course pay the
shipping costs I would be happy to hear about. I would also be grateful
someone could give me a tip where I could still ask? Thanks..

All the best


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