[phenixbb] How critical is ncs operator for real space refinement

Yangqi Gu yangqi.gu at yale.edu
Mon Jan 20 20:32:25 PST 2020

Dear PHENIX developers,
I have a question about NCS operator. Since I have a cryo-EM map and I want
to refine my filament coordinates within the map. I generated the
coordinate map manually in Chimera by building multiple chains with rigid
body refinement. Since I did not generate the NCS operator file (I tried by
doing map symmetry, it did not give me the right helical symmetry), I did
not refine with ncs restraints. I am wondering in this case, how critical
it is to refine a model with helical symmetry applied. Is it a must or can
I go with the way I did? Hope to hear from you soon!
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