[phenixbb] Base-pair restraints and high resolution cryoEM maps

Stephen Cusack cusack at embl.fr
Mon Oct 7 09:47:36 PDT 2019

Dear All,

(1) Is it possible to add RNA base-pair restraints into Phenix 
Real-space-refinement of a lowish resolution cryoEM structure?

If so how?

(2) We are also lucky enough to have some impressively high resolution 
cryoEM maps (2.4 A average) which show among other things hundreds of 
water molecules.

I was wondering whether Phenix Real-space-refinement was really adapted 
to high resolution, e.g. it uses grouped B-factor refinement and has no 
water handling options

(putting them in manually is a pain and you always miss some). How have 
other people dealt with these issues ?

thanks for any help

Stephen Cusack


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