[phenixbb] positional restraints in real_space_refine?

Daniel Larsson daniel.larsson at icm.uu.se
Thu Oct 3 03:24:54 PDT 2019

Hi all,

I'm working on a cryo-EM reconstruction where I have some flexible low-resolution elements (RNA double helices). They have different orientations relative to my reference model, but I would like to model them in the approximately correct position. I've tried real_space_refine with morphing and simulated annealing, but neither accomplish what I want. Now I'm thinking of cutting out these helices and manually position them approximately where I want them. But I fear that this will case headache at the "joint". Is it possible to use the manual positions as a reference for positional restraints, but use the original model as the reference for the torsion angles. Is this possible with real_space_refine? Or is there a better way of refining this structure?


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