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Posting on behalf of Prof. Alessio Ciulli:

Professor Alessio Ciulli’s laboratory is seeking a postdoctoral researcher
to undertake research in collaboration with one of the leading
pharmaceutical companies supporting the Division of Signal Transduction
Therapy (DSTT). The DSTT facilitates collaborations between some of the
world’s major pharmaceutical companies (Boehringer Ingelheim,
GlaxoSmithKline, and Merck-Serono) and leading Dundee-based researchers
with a proven track record of achievement in understanding and exploiting
the fundamental molecular causes of human disease in the fields of cancer,
immune-regulation, neurodegeneration and hypertension resulting from
disruptions in protein ubiquitylation, phosphorylation and other signalling

The successful applicant will be based within the Ciulli lab in Dundee (
http://www.lifesci.dundee.ac.uk/groups/alessio-ciulli). The laboratory is
pioneering novel chemical structural biology approaches to target E3
ubiquitin ligases with small molecules. The applicant will employ state of
the art structural biology, cell biology and biophysical approaches to
conduct molecular and structural studies on disease-relevant human E3
ubiquitin ligases. The Ciulli lab has close collaborations and access to
facilities available within both the MRC Protein Phosphorylation Unit (
http://www.ppu.mrc.ac.uk/) and more widely within the School of Life
Sciences. This set-up will ensure the successful candidate will have access
to whatever technologies required to conduct the projects that they are
working on, including molecular, biochemical, mass spec proteomics,
pharmacological and genetic methodologies including CRISPR/CAS9 knock-out
and knock-in technologies. There will be regular opportunity for
interaction and to discuss data within the group and with the collaborating
pharma company.

Candidate requirements:

‧ PhD with outstanding academic track record and at least one first
authored publication in an internationally recognised peer-reviewed journal.
‧ Strong background in Biochemistry, Molecular Cell Biology, or Structural
Biology is required.
‧ Strong interest in signal transduction research and how disruptions of
these pathways are linked to human disease is expected.
‧ Experience with recombinant protein expression and purification,
molecular cloning, and protein X-ray crystallography (or cryo-EM) is
‧ Experience with mammalian cells tissue culture, and protein-protein
interaction studies inside cells e.g. pull-down, proteomics, would be
highly advantageous.
‧ Experience with biophysical methods to study in vitro protein-protein and
protein-peptide interactions is desirable.
‧ Capable of working in a team, but able to plan and work independently.
‧ Excellent communication skills and knowledge of the English language are
‧ The candidate should have ambitions to become a successful independent
researcher either in academia or the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry.

The fund for this project is available till 30th June 2020 in the first
instance with a chance to renew.

For informal enquiries please contact Prof Alessio Ciulli
a.ciulli at dundee.ac.uk or Dr Kwok-Ho Chan k.chan at dundee.ac.uk

Closing Date 31 May 2019

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