[phenixbb] Secondary structure restraints video tutorial

Dorothee Liebschner dcliebschner at lbl.gov
Fri Sep 14 10:32:33 PDT 2018

Dear Phenix users,

This is an update for the Phenix video tutorials.

We have a new tutorial explaining the use of secondary_structure_restraints
a type of restraints especially useful at low resolution (lower than 3Å,
cryo-EM map or X-ray data).


Programming new geometry restraints: parallelity of atomic groups. Sobolev
OV et al. J. Appl. Cryst. 48, 1130-1141 (2015).


Use of knowledge-based restraints in phenix.refine to improve
macromolecular refinement at low resolution. Headd JJ et al. Acta Cryst.
D68, 381-390 (2012).


Feedback about the videos is very welcome. Write an email to tutorials
@phenix-online.org or use the comment section on YouTube. If you want to
see a tutorial about a certain (Phenix-related) topic, let us know.

Best wishes,

The Phenix team


Overview of tutorials:


You can also browse the videos on the Phenix Tutorial YouTube channel:


(To see subtitles, hit the cc (closed captions) button in the right bottom
of the video screen. Subscribe to see the tutorial videos in your YouTube
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