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Date: Wednesday, March 21, 2018
Subject: [ccp4bb] Xtriage anomalous signal measurement- mosflm data
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Hi all,
I have a dataset for which I got the .sca file from a collaborator and I am
trying to look at the strength of the anomalous signal. Looking at archives
in the CCP4bb I found many people suggesting using the Chi**2 values
using ScaLAPACK using HKL2000.
However, at the moment, I have access only to Xtriage from Phenix which
gives a clear graph showing that my data has no significant difference
anomalous signal. So my question is how reliable is this analysis by
Xtriage and is it possible that during data processing anomalous scattering
difference was lost.
I would like to reprocess the data using mosflm any suggestions for  data
processing (to see the anomalous signal)
would be appreciated.

Manoj Saxena
University of Puerto Rico
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