[phenixbb] How to use phaser gyre and gimble in phenix

Meinke, Gretchen Gretchen.Meinke at tufts.edu
Wed Jul 18 10:58:42 PDT 2018

I have a challenging MR problem and maybe phenix.phaser gyre and gimble will help.
My molecule is flexible horsehoe shaped slinky, there are multiples in the unit cell (maybe 8-12??).
My data is medium resolution 3.5 maybe. 
There are good homology models (also flexible!)

It seems to have 1-2 hinge points (or 2-3 domains).
I saw your publication "Gyre and gimble: a maximum-likelihood
replacement for Patterson correlation refinement" Acta Cryst. (2018). D74, 279–289
and that describes exactly what I would like to do.
One problem, I cannot at all figure out how to use gyre in gimble in phenix. 

I cannot find it in the GUI, and am unclear how to run it as a script.  
It looks super useful and would love to use it.

Any help, a script, etc would be most appreciated!


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