[phenixbb] Phenix.molprobity PDB pre-test

Rune Thomas Kidmose rtk at mbg.au.dk
Fri Feb 9 00:12:02 PST 2018


After using Phenix.molprobity I noticed it does a test of the input PDB file in the beginning, where it, among other things, identifies duplicate atom labels and then proceeds to list some of them (and hides the rest some where I guess).

It also identifies mismatches between the atom label and the atom type, e.g. if a CB is by mistake listed as an O instead of a C, in the last column in the PDB file.

I would like to know if it is possible to somehow call this PDB pre-test function used within phenix.molprobity? or maybe something similar in the phenix package?

I would like to use the feature in a small MD pipeline I am developing where the input PDB files are checked for duplicate atoms and mismatches between atom label and type. I believe something like the mentioned pre-test feature would work much better, than my current bash script solutions using combinations of awk, grep, sort, uniq etc.


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