[phenixbb] Why can't I use bootstrap.py in cctbx to compile phenix?

R. D. Oeffner rdo20 at cam.ac.uk
Wed Nov 16 12:39:31 PST 2016

I don't think building Phenix with bootstrap is yet possible using only 
anonymous access to all the necessary repositories. Many repositories 
require authentication. However, it is possible to rebuild the Phenix C++ 
libraries in an existing Phenix installation.



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From: Taimin Yang
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Subject: [phenixbb] Why can't I use bootstrap.py in cctbx to compile phenix?

Dear Professor,

My name is Taimin Yang and I am a PhD student in Stockholm University. I try 
to compile my own phenix using bootstrap.py but here is the error 

root at Linux-main:/usr/local/crystallography_software/phenix# python 
bootstrap.py --builder=phenix --with-python=/usr/local/anaconda2/bin/python 
hot update build
Performing actions: hot update build
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "bootstrap.py", line 2034, in <module>
  File "bootstrap.py", line 2029, in run
  File "bootstrap.py", line 926, in __init__
    map(self.add_module, self.get_codebases())
  File "bootstrap.py", line 1051, in add_module
    action = MODULES.get_module(module)().get_url(auth=self.get_auth())
  File "bootstrap.py", line 553, in get_url
    raise Exception('No anonymous access method defined for module: %s. Try 
with --%s'%(self.module, e.args[0]))
Exception: No anonymous access method defined for module: chem_data. Try 
with --cciuser

What should I do to compile my own phenix?
Thank you very much.

Best regards,

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