[phenixbb] Autobuild with Model

Korasick, David A. korasickd at missouri.edu
Mon May 23 13:39:48 PDT 2016

Dear All—

I have a question about the options in a series of Autobuild runs I am attempting. I have a structure that has 8 chains in the asymmetric unit, and one of the chains has very poor density. I ran phenix.refine using a model that lacked this chain, and now I want to run Autobuild to attempt to build in that chain. The issue I am running into is that I want Autobuild to only build into the density where there is no model, but not modify or build in density that is occupied by the model I give it. What are the options I should select to attempt this?

Thank you for your help!

David Korasick
Postdoctoral Fellow
Tanner Lab
University of Missouri-Columbia, Department of Biochemistry
korasickd at missouri.edu

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