[phenixbb] phenix.real_space_refine crashes for very large pdb files

#AHMED TOFAYEL# TOFAYEL001 at e.ntu.edu.sg
Thu Dec 1 01:13:41 PST 2016

Dear developers and users,

My phenix.real_space_refine run crashes with the error mentioned below when I have used following command to run it on a complete ribosome (containing coordinates for small subunit and large subunit in a single pdb file):

phenix.real_space_refine model.pdb map.mrc resolution=4.5 reference_coordinate_restraints.enabled=true reference_coordinate_restraints.selection="chain A and resseq 2:700" reference_coordinate_restraints.sigma=0.05 secondary_structure.enabled=True res.eff > out.out

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