[phenixbb] revisiting "Problem with loop fitting "

Alejandro Buschiazzo alebus at pasteur.edu.uy
Sat Feb 22 13:28:24 PST 2014

Dear phenix community

I am attempting to use phenix.fit_loops for the first time and getting 
an error message:
"No suitable gap found matching residues"

I found a short exchange exactly about this (Jan 2011), but eventually 
Tom Terwilliger asked for the files directly to see if he could solve it.
I can't seem to find a later summary of the solution.

(apparently, the most probable reason was some kind of mismatch between 
PDB numbering and sequence file...which I shouldn't have... I'm probably 
missing some silly here - I have been fiddling around with the sequence 
file in many ways...with no success)

many thanks for any help!

Alejandro Buschiazzo, PhD
Research Scientist
Unit of Protein Crystallography
Institut Pasteur de Montevideo
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Montevideo 11400
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