[phenixbb] pathological case with soaking

Appu kumar appu.kumar9 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 12 09:43:32 PST 2012

Respected members,,
                                      I have one question regarding
soaking. Binding of the substrate to enzyme leads to active site closure.
So if we are soaking the enzyme crystal with the substrate, and collecting
the data and solving the structure, then how would one distinguish the
existence of apo and substrate bound form of enzyme in same crystal. I
meant to say, soaking may cause the crystal to have quasi-apo-enzyme and
quasi-substrate-enzyme complex existing together. Is there any way to take
care of such pathological condition during data processing, or structure
solving? . I would highly appreciate your help and looking forward to get
valuable advices. Please graduate me in this kind of weired situation.
Thank you
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