[phenixbb] Unusual CCP4 to Phenix data conversion result

R.M. Garavito garavito at msu.edu
Thu Oct 20 13:25:21 PDT 2011

Dear Nat and Ralf,

I did notice that CCP4 6.2.0 outputs the mtz file with this column order:

H K L FreeR_flag F_S13E_X2 SIGF_S13E_X2 DANO_S13E_X2 SIGDANO_S13E_X2 
F_S13E_X2(+) SIGF_S13E_X2(+) F_S13E_X2(-) SIGF_S13E_X2(-) ISYM_S13E_X2 
IMEAN_S13E_X2 SIGIMEAN_S13E_X2 I_S13E_X2(+) SIGI_S13E_X2(+) I_S13E_X2(-) 

But CCP4 6.1.13 outputs the mtz file with a slightly different column order:

H K L FreeR_flag F_S13E_X2 SIGF_S13E_X2 F_S13E_X2(+) SIGF_S13E_X2(+) 
F_S13E_X2(-) SIGF_S13E_X2(-) DANO_S13E_X2 SIGDANO_S13E_X2 IMEAN_S13E_X2 
SIGIMEAN_S13E_X2 I_S13E_X2(+) SIGI_S13E_X2(+) I_S13E_X2(-) SIGI_S13E_X2(-)

Note that DANO_S13E_X2 and SIGDANO_S13E_X2 have shifted position and ISYM_S13E_X2 in now included.

Thanks for the quick response,

R. Michael Garavito, Ph.D.
Professor of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
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On Oct 20, 2011, at 3:30 PM, Nathaniel Echols wrote:

> On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 12:14 PM, R.M. Garavito <garavito at msu.edu> wrote:
>> However, I just noticed that in testing the upgraded CCP4 and Phenix on OSX
>> 7.2 (Lion) that the MTZ file is no longer read correctly.  An example is
>> below where after the output from scaling and merging of nonanomalous
>> data from the CCP4i GUI gives, at the end of FREERFLAG, some 47,000
>> reflections.  Putting this into xtriage or the reflection file editor in the
>> Phenix GUI, one finds that the data for the F and the DANO columns are used;
>> just selecting Fs alone is impossible.  The end result is a doubling of the
>> reflection number and the switching of the anomalous flag on.  Processing
>> with earlier versions did not do this except when actually using anomalous
>> data.
>> Why this has happened is not clear to me, but the column order in the MTZ
>> file changed slightly between CCP4 6.1.13 and CCP4 6.2.0.  Any ideas, am I
>> missing something, or is this a push to only refine with intensities?
> It's actually more an inherent problem with representing data as
> merged amplitudes and anomalous differences (and how we handle them) -
> PHENIX does not use these data as such, and instead converts them into
> what Ralf calls "reconstructed" amplitudes, i.e. F(+) SIGF(+) F(-)
> SIGF(-).  There is potential for loss of precision in this conversion,
> which is why we recommend against it (the Phaser-EP GUI will actually
> complain if you try to run it with those data).  The reason this
> changed is probably F SIGF being adjacent to DANO SIGDANO in the MTZ
> file - if they were previously separated by other columns, they would
> not be automatically combined into a single data array.
> I'm not sure if this matters for Xtriage; it will still perform the
> analysis of anomalous signal based on the reconstructed Friedel pairs,
> but I don't know of use of separate F+/F- will affect the other
> analyses.  It definitely makes a difference for the reflection file
> editor and any other program which outputs these data, because they
> will always end up as F(+) SIGF(+) F(-) SIGF(-).  Unfortunately I
> didn't take into account that the reflection file editor was doing
> this until a few days ago, so in version 1.7.2 it will probably still
> label the columns F SIGF DANO SIGDANO (or the equivalent) by default.
> I think the latest nightly build should fix this bug (and several
> others).
> This is probably not an ideal situation - it might make more sense to
> simply ignore DANO SIGDANO, just to avoid confusion, but I'm worried
> that users will complain about PHENIX not accepting their anomalous
> data.
> -Nat
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