[phenixbb] PHENIX atom selection language

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Sun Oct 9 01:43:35 PDT 2011

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> From: Jianghai Zhu<jzhu at idi.harvard.edu>
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> Subject: Re: [phenixbb] PHENIX atom selection language
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> Cool. Thanks, Pavel.  It would be nice to have a list of all selection keywords and corresponding definitions somewhere.
> -- Jianghai

Hi Jianghai,

anybody can contribute to the CCP4 wiki, where a Phenix article already 
exists - check out 

Unfortunately the wiki is hit by spammers, and we regularly delete whole 
batches of these pseudo-"users" to keep the userlist clean. The spammers 
use @gmail.com and @hotmail.com email addresses which we now do not 
accept any more as new users' email - such addresses are just too easy 
to obtain. So if you would like to contribute make sure
a) to use a email adress of your institution (e.g. university)
b) and to contribute to an existing article or start a new one since we 
won't delete "real" users



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