[phenixbb] Fwd: Really good stats... Unreal!??

Yuri yuri.pompeu at ufl.edu
Tue Oct 4 17:17:08 PDT 2011

Hi everyone,
So I am done refining a structure with around 760 residues in the model 
to a resolution of 2.29A. Rwork 0.18 Rfree 0.24
RMSD angle 1.1 Bond 0.008, clashscore 28.
As a I last round I ran optmize_weights and got some interesting 
Rwork 0.17 Rfree 0.23
RMSD Angle 0.68! Bond 0.003! clashscore 10.2

I dont know how real these are. That would make this a new pdb record 
for tight geometry!!!
Any ideas?


Yuri Pompeu

Yuri Pompeu

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