[phenixbb] Problem with loop fitting

Kendall Nettles knettles at scripps.edu
Mon Jan 24 12:47:02 PST 2011

Dear PHENIX developers,
I am trying fit_loops for the first time and getting error message:
"No suitable gap found matching residues"

I'm not sure what the problem is.

Best regards,
Kendall Nettles

 knettles$ phenix.fit_loops pdb_in=Liganded_overall_best-coot-1.pdb mtz_in=cycle_best_refine_map_coeffs_1.mtz seq_file=seq.dat start=331 end=336 chain_id=A

#                       fit_loops
# Fit loops in a PDB file with gaps

# Type phenix.doc for help

Input sequence file is  seq.dat
Reading sequence from  seq.dat
Fit_loops: Fit a missing loop in a model.
Map from:  TEMP_cycle_best_refine_map_coeffs_1.mtz  using labin  FP=2FOFCWT PHIB=PH2FOFCWT
Model from:  Liganded_overall_best-coot-1.pdb

No suitable gap found matching residues  331 - 336  chain:  A
No final model obtained

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