[phenixbb] refinement with alternative molecules?

Su-Chang Lin sul2005 at med.cornell.edu
Mon Jan 25 19:09:44 PST 2010

    Recently I got a crystal structure of a multiple-molecules protein complex. 
There are many protein subunits with the same fold. From the likelihood-weighted 
maps by Phenix, I can see two different subunits occupy the same 
position. (So I can put the model of either subunit in the same 
densities, but some loop regions and the C-terminal tail look 
different. ).
I know Phenix can do occupancy refinement with a residue that has N 
alternative conformations. My question is can Phenix do occupancy 
refinement with alternative molecules?  
The RMSD for two subunits is about 1.3 angstrom. The sequence 
identity is about 30%. 
Thank you very much!
Su-Chang Lin, Ph.D., Postdoc Associate
Department of Biochemistry
Weill Medical College, Cornell University
Whitney Building, room W-212
1300 York Avenue, New York, NY 10021

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