[phenixbb] map averaging

Thomas C. Terwilliger terwilliger at lanl.gov
Sun Jan 24 17:00:02 PST 2010

Hi Gabriela,

You can use resolve NCS averaging in this case. The NCS in resolve tries
to make the different copies agree to an extent that depends on their
current individual agreement, so that the copies that are not so similar
will not contribute as much as those that agree better (this is true as
long as you do not specify "equal_ncs_weight" or "perfect_ncs" in

If I understand you correctly, this variable weighting of NCS copies is
what you may want.  You can get this by running phenix.autobuild with your
input PDB file, data file, sequence file as usual, and the keyword
"maps_only=True" so that it just calculates a density-modified map and

All the best,
Tom T

>> Hi dear Phenixbb,
>> Is there a command tool to make ncs density averaging in a high
>> oligomerization model that has some maps clearer than others? not
>> multi-crystal but the same crystal.
>> Thank you,
>> Gabriela
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