[phenixbb] auto-open MTZ scheme: and sequences of changing internet connection location

Felix Frolow mbfrolow at post.tau.ac.il
Sat Jan 23 22:34:42 PST 2010

There is no problem with that on this site.
How "groupname"  will be  generated?
We have some computers (laptops) that are moving from offices (static connection to internet) to homes (dynamic ADSL connection to internet).
I hope it will not affect a new approach.
I hope that it is to help us and not to check on us.
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On Jan 24, 2010, at 24:55 , Paul Emsley wrote:

> Dear Phenixers,
> Prompted by Randy Read, Kevin and I have agreed that Coot should be able to auto-open MTZ files with columns labelled
> groupname.F_phi.F and groupname.F_phi.phi
> and
> groupname.DF_phi.DF, groupname.DF_phi.phi for difference maps
> for any value of groupname, of course.
> (Any weights should be applied to Fs before writing the file).
> We were wondering what the Phenix community/developers thought about that idea (there's not much point in adding this feature if you don't agree).
> Thanks, 
> Paul.
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