[phenixbb] polygon resolution control

Alexandre Urzhumtsev sacha at igbmc.fr
Thu Jan 21 07:30:18 PST 2010

Dear YoungJin

>I was using polygon from GUI. One question I have now is how I can control 
>the resolution limit. As I cut the resolution during refinements but 
>polygon gave me from the uncut-high resolution. Is there any way, I can 
>ask polygon to get statistics upto certain resolution as shown on pdb file?

Honestly, I do not know for the phenix version; let's wait what Pavel & Nat 
answer you.
Very probably they already implemented it and your problem will be solved easy.

Another simple solution will be to cut explicitly your MTZ file by the 
resolution you wish before run the polygon.

If not, such an option (to define explicitely the resolution; that will 
select for comparison the PDB structures refined previously at such a 
resoluton) exists in the original Tcl/tk based version of the polygon. 
Please, let me know if your are interested in it.

Best regards,


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