[phenixbb] merohedral twinned refinement

JXQI jxqi at mail.im.ac.cn
Mon Jan 18 19:51:22 PST 2010

Zwart, Cherney and all,

Thanks for the suggestions.The problem is fixed when I tried P31.

Best regards

J.X. Qi 

> 3. If I try P3,the Matthews coeffs tell 2 or 3 molecules in the ASU,the
> molecules will crash.Besides,the overall FOM ( lower than 0.4) and the
> R/Rfree values (about 0.45/0.56) suggest that the P3 is the wrong sg.

try P31 or otherwise P1. You should get a solution in those groups.

It could of course mean that there are OD type issues, but I would not
jump there yet.

Can you send the intensity statistics from xtriage?
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