[phenixbb] phenix.autobuild- multiple models

meindert lamers mlamers at berkeley.edu
Sat Nov 29 09:38:33 PST 2008

Hi all,

I am a bit puzzled by an error message I get when trying to run  
(I am using the latest/final version of phenix: PHENIX VERSION:  1.3   
of  11-08-2008)

phenix.autobuild data=01.mtz model=3mei_coot.pdb  
multiple_models=True   include_input_model=True   \
multiple_models_number=1 n_cycle_rebuild_max=5

This gives me:
AutoBuild Input failed
Sorry, multiple_models is only available with rebuild_in_place

However, when I run the same commands using an older version of  
phenix (PHENIX VERSION:  1.3  of  23-03-2008), all runs fine.

Any ideas ?


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