[phenixbb] fixing a partial solution of mol. rep.

chern chern at ualberta.ca
Sun Nov 23 16:33:28 PST 2008

I am doing a molecular replacement.
There are two types of protein molecules in the crystal. One type is forming a hexameric core; there are 6 molecules of the second type that I need to locate. 
I found a solution for the hexameric core, but the other 6 molecules are difficult to find. 
1. Can I fix the solution for the core, so that I don't have to find it every time. The other inconvenience with that is that the origine is different for every new run. If I fix the hexamer, then I fix the origine. It's important to me to compare different runs of MR.

2. Some of the six other molecules that MR finds are not the closest to the core. How can I request to output the closest molecules?

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