[phenixbb] sugar links

Alessandro Nascimento as_nascimento at yahoo.com.br
Thu Mar 27 08:43:09 PDT 2008

Hi all,

I'm trying to apply a cif link modification for MAN-MAN link and found
this post explaining how to do that:


However the syntax

refinement.pdb_interpretation.apply_cif_link {
 data_link = NAG-NAG-b-D
 residue_selection_1 = chain A and resname NAG and resid 901
 residue_selection_2 = chain A and resname ASN and resid 900

gives me the following error


   data_link: NAG-NAG-b-D

Sorry: Missing CIF link: data_link_NAG-NAG-b-D
 Please check for spelling errors or specify the file name
 with the link as an additional argument.


Has the syntax changed or am I missing something?

thanks a lot in advance,


phenix.refine --version:
 PHENIX: Python-based Hierarchical ENvironment for Integrated Xtallography
 Version: 2008_02_08_1610
 User: Alessandro

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