[phenixbb] phenix.find_ncs and DANO

Tom Terwilliger terwilliger at lanl.gov
Thu Jan 24 12:41:58 PST 2008

Hi Bryan,

>in principle, phenix.find_ncs should be fine with FP=DANO, right?

I'm not quite clear on this, but yes, find_ncs wants a map, and you 
can give it any map coefficients with

labin="labin FP=FP PHIB=PHIB FOM=FOM "

>and - do i understand correctly that phenix only correlates the map with
>the .pdb sites, and does not rotate the map about itself (like in getax, i

Correct, find_ncs is looking for NCS in the heavy-atom sites as 
presented in a PDB file, or in a model as given in a PDB file, 
without rotating the map.  Any crystallographic symmetry is 
automatically applied.

>i can run phenix.find_ncs with FP=DANO, but seems that resolve wants it to
>be FP as usual.

It might be helpful if you could send me this example!

I hope that helps!

-Tom T

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