[phenixbb] Reading Rfree Flags from Refmac

Peter Zwart PHZwart at lbl.gov
Tue Jan 8 21:31:45 PST 2008

I think its is detected automatically to be honest, but the way you
just mailed does the trick as well.

Please note that the standard ccp4 free flag doesn't follow the
lattice symmetry: something that can be annoying when you find out
that your data is twinned. The free set generated by phenix.refine
does have this property.



2008/1/8, James Fraser <jamesfraser at berkeley.edu>:
> Hello,
> Someone in our lab has started a refinement run in REFMAC and wants to
> continue it in Phenix.refine.  Is there an easy way to get phenix to
> recognize the r-free flag from REFMAC (freeR=0)?
> Thanks,
> jf
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