[phenixbb] Fatal Error: Incomplete libtbx environment!

Yong-Fu Li YLi at iavi.org
Tue Jan 1 08:31:35 PST 2008


I just installed Phenix 1.3b, however got this error message when I tried to run phenix.

Fatal Error: Incomplete libtbx environment!
Please re-run the libtbx/configure.py command.

My system is: i686

Here is what I did: 
1) downloaded phenix-installer-1.3b-rc6-intel-linux-2.6.tar
2) tar -xvf ...
3) In directory: phenix-installer-1.3b/, execute ./install
4) moved phenix-1.3b-rc6/ from /usr/local to /usr/local/progs where all of my programs dwell
5) source phenix_env in: /usr/local/progs/Phenix/phenix-1.3b-rc6
6) then run: ./phenix, and got the above message
7) as root go to /libtbx, chmod +x configure.py, and ./configure.py (I don't know about python, and my Python is 2.5), it hangs there for very long (>10 min) with another error:

./configure.py: line 3: syntax error near unexpected token `('
./configure.py: line 3: `def run():'

I checked the bb for help but didn't find any useful info (not finished reading all the messages). I wonder whether someone could help!

Thanks and happy new year!


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