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First, I have a hopefully easy question.  I can't seem to figure it out
although feel like I should be able to.  Is there a way to run a
phenix.refine job in the background?  I tried using the & like I usually
do and it didn't work.  It would be nice to start a job and go home
without leaving myself logged into the computer.  I didn't see anything
in the documentation which makes me think I'm being dull.

Apologies if someone has already answered this but you can set up a
little command file e.g. 'refine.com', something along the lines of:

phenix.refine model_from_coot.pdb data.mtz ligand.cif
my_favourite.params --quiet

With all your parameters in 'my_favourite.params' and run it with

> nohup ./refine.com &

You can then log off and check it later and it will still be running.
The key seems to be the nohup and the '--quiet' switch.

Works for me, hope it works for you.



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